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EL 250 Eladhari with (Keith)

The last game I played mulltiplayer was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I played the "Kill em' all mode" which is a free for all. The last person standing wins. Not really wins but, gains a higher status and more online points. I used instinct. I figured what would I do in this situation? I would duck behind a wall and wait for a sitting duck, and you know what? I did and gained a higher rank. By jumping the gun and running into a place where you know there is trouble, you eventually end up getting killed. It helps with a map. I also used experience when there was a lot of warfare going on in front of me. I relied on better artillary and again waited for someone to come along. I feel that the game would serve as an online manual for anyone entereing the service. It is good to see war and conflict electrically before entering it in real life situations.

I would have to pick a player who plays themselves. I never get caught up in the video game world. I like it a lot, but understand that I have other obligations in life besides games. I am not a role player. Never was, never will. By playing myself, I get a sense of who I am. That betters me as a person. I also get to use my brain as opposed to a computer's brain to think for me. I like to be self-taught in situations. I also ge a better sense of my qualities. When I am playing against someone else, I see how I would react in real life situations.


It is nice that you can see the value in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 when so many just write it off because of the violence. Even if not entering the service, the game is a realistic look at modern warfare and how being prepared in life can save your life. Thanks for sharing.

I actually am using Call of Duty in my research paper because of its portrayal of history. I personally think there is even educational value in the game because it would really help students understand the events of war.

I like that you used COD as an example. Like Susan it is nice you are using as a value instead of something that is bad because of the violence. Games like COD can teach us a lot about ourselves and the events of war, like Beth said.

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