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EL 250 Grimes with (Susan)

1. I have a huge problem with not paying attention to contracts. This in turn gets me into trouble. When you do not read the terms of service, you are adhering to all the terms without notice. Therefore, a contract may hinder you from understanding what the regulations are in adult games. I breached a contract once. It was not necessarily my fault. I ended up going to court over it and loosing. It was my fault for not reading the full terms of the contract. I had to face severity which were the consequences. I now read everyting I receive. No matter what the quantity of pages are.

2. Now, how in ghe hell is a child supposed to read all that technical jargon. An adult should step in and assist. If a conract is aimed at a child, then there is a point where the parent should step up to the plate and say "I'll go over this first". That's a parent's job. They should be there for their child. It may also depend on ghe child's intelligence. Not solely rely on it, but sort of read it with an adult.

3. Of course I'm going to say that it should remain with you because I'm not about "Big Brother" stepping in and taking out of our pockets. Afterall it's only virtuaL porperty. It really only exists on screen. Not like its a physical entity where someone can step in and take it. My view stays the same with children. They are more valurnable than adults so a child in essence is really the victim here.

4. I'm not trying to be contadictory here, but yes, any contract that is signes should be legal. That in terms should hold up in court. If you sign something, then you are binded to it. Let the buyer beware.

5. I feel that marketers know what they are doing when a project is aimed at children. That sort of is immoral to do that to a child, but I do not think a child should be making adult decisions without a parent's consent first. It becomes a question of morals and ethics.


Jeremy, I am glad that you shared your own personal story with contracts. Unfortunately, I think that it will take something like what happened to you to really change people's minds about fully reading and comprehending contracts. This can be hard to do sometimes. For instance when buying a new car, they just show all of the papers in front of you to sign. There is no way that you can fully comprehend all of the legalese presented. I do agree that it is the responsibility of the parent to read the TOS contracts with their children; of course that also means that the parent needs to care about what their child is doing online. I can understand marketers needing to study children to understand their habits, but I agree that they should not do it through these gaming sites without a much better system to demonstrate their true intentions.

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