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EL 250 Motion Capturing

I like the idea of motion capturing. It is a new technology that is state of the art. You see a lot of it in movies. The graphics are so life-like. I think that it is with these new types of CGs that draws so many people to movies and games or any medium that utilizes this. People want reality while demanding fantasy. With the combination of the two, the public is assured to be entertained. The fact that I can be manipulated into something else using this technique is really upscale in design techniques.
"When animation is too real for our brain to process it as a cartoon, but not real enough for us to accept it on a deep, instinctive level; something seems wrong." I will contrast this. I think the opposite. I think people go into a movie or game wanting something different. When they receive this, they get what they paid for. How much reality is required for consumers to accept its existence? I for one think that the technology looks real enough. Separating reality from fantasy is something our brains need to train us on before endulging into a 3-D effect.


I do not think that movies should rely totally on motion-capture technology. It is fine in moderation or a whole movie here and there, but I do not want to lose the magic that live actors can create on the screen.

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