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EL 250 Portfolio 3 Video Games are More than Meets the Eye

EL 250 has been very fast-paced and informative. The instructor, Dr. Jerz, has taken his students to new levels of learning through video games. During the last wee, students have written a term paper (draft), discussed Grimes with Susan Carmichael, had a gruop discussion on Eladhari with Keith Campbell, had a topic discussion on modding, machinima, and motion capturing, discussed Wilson with Cody Naylor, student presentations on Thursday and Friday, and a final term paper to end the semester with.


Grimes with (Susan)

Eladhari with (Keith)

Wilson with (Cody)


Elizabeth Swartzwelder

Jessie Krehlik

Susan Carmichael


Grimes with (Susan)

Eladhari with (Keith)

Motion Capturing


Student Presentations

Grimes with (Susan)

Eladhari with (Keith)

Wilson with (Cody)


Elizabeth Swartzwelder I went into why they print TOS documents.

Jessie Krehlik on my personal experience with a TOS document.

Susan Carmichael on why it's nice to be somebody else online.

Modding and why it's so great that this technology exists.


S-t-r-e-s-s. Stress is a killer. Stress is not fun. Stress can make you heavy or thin. Okay, I think I got my point across. My readers may or may not realize that I am stressed out. I have valid reasons for being so. It is my last semester at SHU. So far, I am enrolled in two active courses. Not much of a vacation when you think about it. Anyways, the point of this entry is that I do not know where to go after this. Will I still be a poor college student upon graduation? Everyone has these grandeoise ideas that if you go to college, then you are guaranteed a job. I don't think so. With all my experience so far, I just had an interview with WDVE, the radio station in Pittsburgh. The interview went reall well, but I lost hope as they never called me back. Oh well, maybe next time slugger. Now I go back to the real world and focus on my studies so I can graduate. Just thought by writing this, it would serve as a grim reminder of how realistic the world really is, and the fears a future grad has.

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