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EL 250 Scratch

I think that a design program like Scratch is great. It gives children and adults the chance to express themselves creatively while becoming informed on design. Scratch is also great because it is more than just playing a game, it's laboring as well.One has to design a game of preference before playing it, and it seems to have a large data base for design, not only a few default graphics and controls. I would really like to use Scratch at some point. As for education purposes, Scratch offers the chance of creation which for a child gives them the necessary building blocks for adulthood. What I mean by that is, it takes college level coiurses to teach some software like Dreamweaver and Moveable Type. With that knowledge, a college student is able, with the expericence, to go out into the "adult" and get a job. Teaching a child to use a design program is really futuristic. I also feel that Scratch is fun, it looks as though, as well as educational.


I also think a program lie scrtach is great for children. It is a very interesting and creative way to teach children about the subject of computer programing.Scratch does a great job at being educational as well as fun.

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