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EL 250 Student Presentations

My presentation takes a closer look at women and how they are viewed by society and the mass media market, especially video games.
I chose to do my presentation on women and video games, how culture reflects
upon them. I used James Brown’s song This is a Man’s World as a contradiction to my
presentation, and me being a man, well, I thought that the song just fit. I in no way am
trying to offend one gender or another. I just feel that society, because of our culture,
targets females more than males, especially the media. I thought of advertisements about weight loss. The ads show an actress that was once heavy. She comes out from behind the curtain and looks like she just had liposuction. I used a Window Movie Maker to edit and publish my movie. I filmed most of the scenes using a Sony Cybershot digital camera. I then uploaded the movie to Youtube. Throughout the movie, I ask the audience several questions that will engage them to think a little about the subject-are women really that different from men? And, why do video games make women either really tough or “whore” like? I used Youtube to find pertinent subject matter.

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Miscellaneous pictures used in presentation. Compliments of the web and Sony Cyber


I tested out my coursemate’s presentation. I particularly liked Susan Carmichael’s. Susan focused on the game Resident Evil 4. I have never played that game, yet, but I like that a female chose, not being sexist here, a game where violence and infected, zombie-like creatures are incorporated into it. She also inspected every aspect of the game. It was as if I were reading the booklet that accompanies such games. I really enjoyed it.

On the other hand, something a little more formal was Elizabeth Swartzwelder's presentation. It looked more at the educational value that war type games serve. I thought that this was important matter because war games; although fun and entertaining, can also be history lessons for all generations.


I really enjoyed the music for this video, it was perfect for the topic. I also thought this presentation did a good job of capturing my interest and keeping me engaged the entire time.

I liked that you created your own YouTube video for the project. A lot of us stuck to the typical blog entry, but you took a chance and tried something new. I think it paid off! I was also interested throughout the entire presentation, as Keith said, and I think all of the elements fit together nicely to prove what you were saying.

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