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EL 250 Wilson with (Cody)

I have in fact played an indie game before for the Xbox 360. It was a rip-off of Tony Hawk called Skate. The premise was the same, but there was more detail and variations to Tony Hawk. I began to like Skate better than Tony Hawk because it offered better music and the controls were completely different. I was looking for an alternative skateboard game.
I made an IF game in a Jerz course before. We didn't focus on games the entire semester, but learned the basics of how to code the game. I don't like IF, but I like the technique of creation. I was able to design my own text based game using any scenario I wanted. Being ablt to use my creative expression was a positive thing in the course.
By answering the last question, I am going to stay in the middle by saying both. I do like the fact that the technology to create cutting edge experiences are not available to just anyone because that narrows the game filed down to just a few, the elite. That way, only good games are made other than so-so games. Also by narrowing the field, there is more quality put into games. Okay, now I will play devil's advocate. I reallly don't find it fair that the technology is not available to everyone. This hinders them from the opportunities to make games, decent or not. By monopolizing, that prevents anyone except widely known game designers to put out work.


I agree with you, Jeremy. I would love to be able to create 360 games from my house... and still even though the technology is available only to the professionals, there are still games with bugs and crappy control schemes released... I enjoyed Skate as well.

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