January 7, 2004

Signs I'm a Setonian

Ok, so today there occurred an example of why I am, in turn, Bethany's hero.

The conversation went like this...

Bethany: a whole bunch of ranting about Nicole Kidman in "The Hours"
Me: "I want to see the new movie about Sylvia Plath."
B: "What's it called?"
M: "Sylvia"
Me: " I can't imagine how it's gonna end."

Ok, see, yeah. I'm an English major. Of course I know...What I meant was I couldn't imagine this director filming this actress with her head in the oven...But of course, no one believes that.

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January 4, 2004

Text Magic

It's amazing what text messaging can do for the quality of relationships. It brings people together like nothing else can.

Case in Point:
*That's what friends r 4. I'm willing 2 drive up there if u need a shoulder. Whats your last name again?*

I feel so loved, albeit a bit arbitrarily.

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