The symbolism of Time

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"It was in this apartment,also,that there stood against the western wall, a gigantic clock of ebony....." Page 5 in The Masque of the Red Death.


The author gives a detailed description of all the rooms, but Poe spends a lot of time on the ebony clock itself.  He supplies the reader with many details and then he refers to the clock throughout the whole story.  Clocks obviously tell time and time can be very symbolic in literature, especially the idea of time ticking down.  I thought Poe was trying to foreshadow that time was running out or even catching up to the individuals who were running from the Red Death.  Also, he placed this clock on the western wall, which i connected that to how the sun sets in the West which is another way of representing an end of some sort.  The clock is said to have "went out with that of the last of the gay."

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