defining oneself through the letter A

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"Now thou art my mother indeed! And I am thy little Pearl." pg 190

When Hester removed the letter, Pearl did not acknowledge her.  I found it interesting that as many times as Hester would call Pearl to come, Pearl showed no emotion or any sign that she even heard her mother.  Once Hester placed the letter back on her bosom, Pearl ran to her. The part that left a true impression on me though was the fact that Pearl reassured herself that she was in fact little Pearl.  This proves she associates her whole existence with the letter on her mother's bosom and defines herself by it. 


Sarah Durham said:

Pearl has defined her mother at the one who wore the letter on her bosom and has become so obsessed with its meaning that without the letter Pearl is afraid of the woman who is calling her, her mother. Just as any child would do if their father shaved a beard that had been worn for a while or a mother that had changed their hair color. It takes a moment of two to accept the change, but for Pearl there is no accepting of change only fear.

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