History Repeats Itself/ Extreme View is Never Productive

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I took interest to two quotes from this section.

"Writing that engages the realities of its world-that thinks about human problems, including those in the social and political realm, that addresses the rights of persons and the wrongs of those in power" (110).

This kind of writing finds itself to be very successful for a long amount of time.  These works have potential to be timeless and considered a classic.  They capture the hearts and intrigue the people during the time it is written, but what makes it powerful is that it can reach out and touch future generations.  Society obviously changes drastically from the issues in politics to the popular styles of clothing, but history tends to repeat itself over and over again.  Sometimes the issues of wars come up again.  But the main reality authors can hold onto is that all humans from the beginning of time undergo very similar life experiences and internal conflicts with temptation etc, and sufferings such as broken hearts etc.  They might be alerted slightly but the root is identical.

"As your reading that story or poem, religious knowledge is helpful, although religious belief, if held too tightly held, can be a problem" (120).

I took interest in this quote because it supports the idea that extreme views are never productive, even in literature.  People who never engage in any religion and refuse to even inform themselves of it loses out on a lot.  I am not saying people have to believe, but ignorance is very dangerous.  Not only can it cause false prejudices, it can take away something from a fulfilled reading experience.  Now this can hold truth for the flip side of this as stated in the quote above.  It can be equally, if not more dangerous, if the believer's views are held too tightly.  There have been many wars on extremists in various religions.  This too can slight the reader from a full experience.    


Jennifer Prex said:

I agree with you that neither end of things is good--stubborn belief there is nothing and not even willing to consider someone else's views vs. stubborn belief in a religion being the one true religion and everyone who doesn't believe it is going to hell. As human beings, there is no way for any of us to really know what is true and what isn't. In all likelihood, this is another case in which there is no one belief system that has all of the answers. They may very well be scattered throughout all the different faiths.

I actually wrote about this issue in my blog as well. While reading, we need to be able to put whatever our own views are aside in order to take in what the author is trying to tell us. It's a lot easier said than done, but it is much easier to do if we start reading each work with an open mind.

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