LIfe Always Goes On

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" The smallness and fragility of our lives is met with the cold indifference not only of the distant stars and planets, which we can rightly think of as virtually eternal in contrast to ourselves, but of the more immediate "outer" world of the farm itself.." (pg 89). 

This quote really stood out because of how much truth it holds.  I have read many poems and short stories in high school where the author's main purpose was to get this point out: The reality is after we die nature will live on just the same.  It is not affected by us humans coming and going, which allows it to be a great addition to any poem or story.  Life is tough and when humans feel loneliness or any kind of tribulation nature is always right there to heighten their internal feelings.  Nature can be used to set a beautiful and tranquil mood, but when approached at from this angle the author can invoke so many feelings on a reader, such as insignificance or fear or loneliness, etc. 


Foster chapter 11 and 12.

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