Mixed Feelings About Blogging

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 Wildcard section of portfolio: Honestly when I first heard about our responsibilites as a blogger I felt like this was going to be just busy work.  This first impression was due to my lack of experience with blogging before this class.  My first few blogs turned my opinion into a fact as I did not gain much.  I picked something that jumped out of the text and came up with a short response in which I posted.  Then I picked the first two titles that sparked my attention that came from my peers' blogs.  After that first week I did not visit my sight until I had to complete the next set of blogs and I never engaged myself into other peer blogs (other than the ones I repsonded to). Therefore, I was not gaining any NEW and original insight.  Something I realized after that first week is that this blogging website is only what we, the students, make it.  I started to visit my site more and also my peers' sites to see what they have to say.  This assignment also helped me as I was reading.  It forced me to study the text and look for more connections and details, which goes above and beyond the plot.  I never really underlined when reading a text (unless it was for a paper) and blogging forces me to do that as well.  I will agree with some of my peers that this is quite time consuming so I am hoping the pros of this blogging out weight the cons at the end of the year. 


Kayla Lesko said:

HOLY WOW, someone else is admitting how they feel about blogging!

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