Foster is Still Forcing Me To Grow as Reader

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"Our interest is not in the deterioration of the old priest but in what his condition is telling us about him, about a boy, about the story at large..." (214).

Once again Foster forces me to rethink the way I have been reading and even watching movies.  This quote stood out to me because many times I WOULD be very interested in the deterioration of that priest or whatever character it was. I would be more interested in the actual deterioration than what the deterioration was trying to tell us as I always feel so emotionally connected to tragedy stories in books and movies. I feel so connected that I probably miss the symbolism and metaphorical message behind it.  I am not saying I want to totally lose my emotions and turn into a robot reader, as I feel it allows me to gain a lot from reading or viewing a film, but Foster's points opens up another door for me. I feel once I put these to use I can feel connected to not only the personal emotion but also the literary meanings. 


Sarah Durham said:

Jessica I have similar experiences with reading, getting so into the story that I totally miss the symbolism and the messages. Foster has certainly given us many incites to what the authors are trying to express. I too am hoping to feel some kind of connection to the literary meanings not only the emotions of the characters.

Jamie Grace said:

I just came across this blog and read it and feel the same exact way. I also get so into books that i don't pay attention to the details and symbolism of everything. I feel like most of Foster's book was written directly to me.

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