Outside Sources Should Serve as a Means to an End

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"The class of literature, which is mainly responsible for all this folly is distributed all over the country in immense quantities" (44).

I find it interesting how in the past society was still trying to place all the blame for corruption on outside forces.  I am not denying that media and literature and movies do not have an impact on how we lead our lives, but I feel our intimate environment plays a much bigger role.  Parents especially look elsewhere to place blame too much and it even happened during the era of Huckleberry Finn.  I feel this is a very ignorant way of finding a solution.  There has always been and will always be all types of movies and literature with all sorts of messages which is the beauty of creativity. Continuously society has a way in selecting one type of work and using it as the ultimate cause of the current problem.  This is a good start to solving issues, especially close to home, but should only be a means to an end. This was just a short response to the relationship between outside sources and our actions and perhaps I will receive some feedback, especially pertaining to the era we are studying.    


Katie Lantz said:

I agree with you Jessica. I feel that the people living in the times that "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" was written were just looking for a scapegoat for their actions.

Like Dr. Jerz mentioned in class, because fathers were not playing a central role in the lives of their children (especially boys), there was a rise in delinquency in young boys. It was not Huckleberry Finn's fault, but rather the neglect of children by their fathers.

Sarah Durham said:

Jessica and Katie, I have to agree with you, but it wasn't until Dr. Jerz gave the information on class on how distant the fathers were or how there was such a lack of a relationship or example of how to behave. The boys had no role models to look up to, I'm sure the people of that era did look for a scapegoat like you said Katie, to make them feel a little better about the neglect.

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