Shapes of a Character Open Up Many Doors

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"All character's who are as famous for their shape as for their behavior" (193)

Foster makes a point that in real life a physical deformity is just that and nothing more but in literature this is not the case.  I do agree that almost every main character of a movie or a novel has some sort of physical attribute that teams up with their mental characteristics to make them stand out from the rest.  And most often more times and not this physical attribute holds a lot of symbolic meaning to enhance the story's plot.  I do agree that in real life the physical deformity or let's just say physical difference usually does not hold a symbolic meaning, but it definitely adds to the person's story,  "we don't get through life without being marked by the experience" (198).  These "markings" , both physical and mental, are what gives each individual depth and individuality.  The physical ones jump out first and we often become much more interested at an earlier time with someone's life story if a physical deformity jumps out at us.  Authors know this, which is why it has become a popular tool in literature.    


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