The Mutualism Between Light and Dark

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I took interest in all of the passages of two characters, Topsy and Eva.  There is a saying "grew like topsy" which means enormous growth, so right off the bat I knew Topsy would undergo some sort of change.  Eva, whose full name is Evangeline, had such radiance circling around her.  In the beginning Eva served as the character of beauty, innocence, and strength.  She was the inspiration for all who came into contact with her and was the 'treasures of yearning hearts." Topsy, in the beginning, served as the character of wickedness ("limb of satan") and she was very lost ("Don't think nobody made me").  She felt as she had "never been born" and this due to her feeling that "no one loves" her.  She was the torture or "plague".  I started to think of Pearl when I got to know these two characters and I saw her in both.  Pearl was both the torture and the treasure.  The torture needed the treasure and vice versa.  Topsy eventually saw the light and grew into a loving treasure herself.  I think these two characters represented the extreme dark and light that lingers in all of us. Sometimes the dark needs to make itself known so the light can shine that much brighter when it makes its way to the surface. 


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I'm glad to know you've heard that phrase before -- it shows just how influential this work was.

(The book by Harriet Beecher Stowe is more commonly read in literature classes, but the population of American was mostly introduced to the characters and situation through this play.

To "grow like Topsy" has the suggestion of sprouting up from nowhere, since Topsy says she wasn't made, she just "growed".

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