The pain of the Crucifix

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XIII. Renunciation

            "So faces on two decks look back, Bound to opposing lands"

            Dickenson makes several references to the Lord and the His crucifix.  The quote above gives the image that the two lovers are being torn apart.  The narrator is hurting deeply over this.  Her pain is painted vividly when compared to a crucifix, especially when the name of the Lord is mentioned nearby. 


            "Why, I will lend until just then, But not an hour more!"

            Human can never truly own what is bounded to Earth, which is anything in nature.  It is forever a part of the Earth.  We are only borrowing it while we reside on Earth.  I do not think we realize this and feel as if we can treat the Earth's possessions the same way as we treat some of our man made "things" in our home.  This could lead to disaster in the future. 


Jennifer Prex said:

Thank you for helping me to get a better understanding of the poem "Perhaps you'd like to buy a flower." I didn't have much of an understanding of it before. Poetry has never been a strong suit of mine. Anyways, I guess this poem is more or less from nature's perspective. That's interesting.

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