Wildcard Number 2-RACISM

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I will use this wild card section to get out a few of my thoughts on racism, which I felt was appropriate after reading a few of the selections.  Anyone could write an extensive paper on this topic as there are many avenues to it, but I will just stick to the few ideas that come to mind as I write this blog.  First of all, I want to shine a light on Martin Luther King.  I went to a talk where one of his daughters spoke and I was really moved. I obviously learned about him in school, but i never got to know him on the level that I did after I attended the speech.  He did so much for this country and not just for the blacks.  Most just think of him as a civil rights leader, which was his main role, but his accomplishments are much more extensive.  If you listen to his speech past the " I have a dream" part he has so many more goals and aspirations for our country.  His use of nonviolence to change is a mark of a true hero.  Martin Luther King Jr was concerned for everyone's welfare.  If it was not for him I believe this country would not be what it is today and whites would be suffering as well. He lifted so much hatred out of the whites hearts.  Now with that said, I would like to talk about some of the racial issues of today.  Now there is definitely still some discrimination against blacks because certain beliefs were passed down in certain white families.  But, I do not agree that still whites are immediately thought of as the most racist in our society.  Also, many of the whites today do not even have ancestors who owned slaves as they came from other countries such as Ireland or Italy.  Those who fall in this category have ancestors who suffered some of the very same harsh treatment just because they came from a certain area.  All racism is disgusting and should be considered just as important as the rest because if not, is that not discrimination in itself?   Our generation needs to put an end to this madness and we can only do this by teaching our future kids the right way of thinking and to stop holding grudges on happenings from years ago and hopefully it can be filtered out! 

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