Don't Read With Your Eyes

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"Don't read through your eyes" (228).

This is such a difficult, but necessary strategy to master.  Dr. Jerz from the first day of class tried to teach us this way of reading.  I remember clearly him stating something very similar to the words of Foster, "try to take the works as they were intended to be taken".  All authors write for a purpose and many times these purposes are overlooked because our personal reactions take over.  Like Dr. Jerz always said, our personal reactions still hold weight, but we should never stop there.  When I read the chapter I chose my quote from, "Don't read with your eyes", I immediately thought of acting.  I was a part of the theater in my high school and the beauty of acting for me was having the chance to study my part through the character's eyes and performing as that charcter.  When I was on stage I was not Jessica "acting" as someone else; I truly became someone else for the duration of the show.  If I would have stayed in my own mindset throughout the process, so much would have been lost in my performance.  This is the same for reading. If you only see through your own eyes, think of how empty reading would be.   


Yes :) Take for example, Harry Potter. Everyone who has read that book, and enjoyed it, will tell you they feel like they know Harry. You are immersed in this wonderful world of witch craft and wizardry. If you like that genre, it's very easy to feel like a part of the story! Almost every girl who has read the Twilight series is going to be able to tell you all about Edward - his eyes, his hair, his rock solid body. If we all read the series as an outsider, it would have very little meaning.
I agree with you completely, if you do not see things through another set of eyes, how can you truly enjoy the stories? If we did that with TV shows or movies, people would not get attached to characters. Everyone has at least one movie that they cry during, even when they know what is going to happen, because we've attached ourselves to someone in it, we feel as they feel. Reading is the same. :)

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