It is All a Form of Play

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"Go play, Dear Reader, play" (281).

I was so happy this is the way Foster left us.  Throughout the book I respected much of what he had to say and wanted to try to apply it to my future readings in order to experience a more rich reading experience.  But, I feel that if he would have ended it with just another chapter full of texts I have never heard of and specific ways to read that text, I would have just blogged about "the ways this chapter will help me improve my skills". Then, I would put the book away and probably not get much from it after spending all this time studying it.  This will not be the case because of how Foster put this whole book into perspective for me in the Envoi.  It is not an encyclopedia of codes to memorize, but rather a template to assist readers to discover the codes on their own.  I will definitely continue to read books I like, but after reading Foster, not only will these books "engage" my "imagination", they will also engage my "intelligence" (281) which is definitely a "form of play" in my opinion.  


Jeremy Barrick said:

Yes, ending his book that way really left it up to us, the reader, to make our own decisions. Great job on his behalf.

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