Wildcard 3-healthcare in the US

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This final wild card has nothing to do with American Literature.  I wanted to propose my concerns for the health care system in our country.  I will be honest and say even though I have such strong concerns I have not updated myself recently on the most current plans for our nation as I have been very busy; therefore I would love some feedback from others.  I demonstrated my concerns with the system by choosing it as my topic for my research paper last year for my thinking and writing class.  I presented the major issues in our nation and how it is leaving a devastating effect on many citizens.  I also decided to research Canada's universal system, but found many life threatening issues with that route as well.  My research left me discouraged and quite upset as it did not lead me to a solution.  I am against universal coverage, but I also think health care has turned into a business, which is unethical. This has been an ongoing debate for years upon years and its obvious that there needs to be change.  However, I am nervous as to how far we will take this movement.  A small step towards socialism could turn into something much bigger and lead to danger. With that said, I can see the other side of the argument which highlights its concern for the welfare of the citizens. I just wish we could come up with our own unique plan that would help out the millions of uninsured Americans while sustaining the values of the American way.  Even though I conducted a research project on this topic does not make me an expert by no means, but I wanted to post my concerns.  

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