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"CONNECT THESE DOTS: garden, serpent, plagues, flood, parting of waters, loaves, fishes, forty days, betrayal, denial, slavery and escape, fatted calves, milk and honey. Ever read a book with all these things in them?" (pg 47)

As mentioned in this chapter many of the books we read contain things from the Bible.  I would think most books are based off of the Bible even if it doesn't seem that obvious to us.  The Bible was one of the first major books.  Many writers have strong religious views and base their works off of the Bible in one way or another.  Even if the writer does not have biblical beliefs we still see the Bible in their works.  Main conflicts of books were part of the Bible.  Betrayal was a theme in  The Great Gatsby.  In a way Gatsby betrayed Daisy by lying to her her.  He created a new person and made himself out to be something he wasn't only what he thought she wanted him to be.  We also see tragedies which could be compared to the floods.  Like in the Great Gatsby tragedy struck at the end with the death of Myrtle and the deaths of George and Gatsby.  Many Biblical themes are visible in many different writings because the Bible focuses on life and nature and many writers focus on the same things when writing.

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Christopher Dufalla said:

I had never thought of the use of the Biblical flood of death in the conclusion of Gatsby to wipe out men. An interesting perspective in and of itself. Foster makes the point that Biblical themes are often used and that there are numerous reasons for their use. Perhaps Fitzgerald was going for a Biblical allusion; who's to say for sure? Nevertheless, it's interesting to ponder.

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