After Apple Picking

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After Apple Picking is a poem that I have not heard of before.  In a way I understood the poem, but it did confuse me a little bit.  I interpreted it as the speaker was working and is now tired.  He was apple picking all day and became tired and wants to rest.  He is not really sure what kind of tired he is.  He thinks it might be more than your average I'm tired and want to go to bed now.  He might not be tired because he worked to hard.  It could mean that his time is ending and he might die soon.  This would be the long sleep, the sleep that lasts forever.  His body has had enough apple picking and wants to move on and go into a long sleep.

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Jessica, this entry does a good job summarizing the content of the poem. What I'd like you to work on is using a few brief quotations from the poem, in order to engage directly with the actual words the poet uses. What else can you talk about, other than "what happens" in the poem? (Foster is a good source for ideas.)

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