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YOUNG WOMAN (reading). Prisoner escapes - lifer breaks jail - shoots way to freedom - (pg 55)

I think that this line can sum up the young woman's feelings on her marriage.  She never really wanted to marry because she did not love the man.  She told her mother that a marriage needed to be about more than just money.  In the beginning of the second episode her and her mother are discussing why should or should not get married and in the background you hear a couple arguing and that could symbolize what the young girl's marriage would be like if she married a man she did not love.  She eventually married the man, but for the wrong reasons.  He seems to control the relationship and tries to force her to do things she does not want to do.  So it is like she is a prisoner in her marriage and wants to leave it and break free and have her own freedom.  She wants to be independent and marry someone she loves and who loves her back and who will not imprison her in a marriage. 

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Julianne Banda said:

I also felt the same way about the line you quoted. It was interesting that all the heading she was reading were about jail and being a prisoner. Also, you mentioned about the voices offstage while the mother and young woman are talking, I did in my blog on that particular topic and I also agree that that was what her marriage would be like. I think the voices were what was going on in their heads but they couldn't say aloud because it would have been odd in normal conversation.

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