Geography Matters

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"Geography in Literature can also be more. It can be revelatory of virtually any element in the work." (166)

I've never really thought about Geography in literature before.  If I was asked what is the Geography of the book I probably would have thought of the location, rivers, mountains, and that sort of thing.  When relating Geography to literature, it includes more than just the natural Geography of what the setting is like.  The Geography in a way is the make up of the work.  It can include the plot, themes throughout the work, and symbolism.  The Geography of a piece of literature can also include the traits of its characters.  Is the character cheerful or upset? What is their personality like? All of these different elements are what make up the Geography of literature.  Geography can also play an important role in how a story or work is played out.  "When writers send characters south, it's so they can run amok.   Placing characters in a particular location can really help us to understand the Geography of a story.  If the character lives in the South, they might be more of a free spirit.  Where if you put them in Washington D.C. they would be more professional.  It is interesting how Geography plays such an important role in literature.  I would have never thought of Geography being such an important part of a work of literature.

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