How to Read Lit. Like a Professor

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So far I find this book to be quite interesting, but at times confusing.  The first chapter was interesting just in the title alone: "Every Trip Is a Quest (Except When It's Not)"  It describes a kid's trip to run an errand he how he encounters a German shepherd, sees a girl he likes, and how the popular boy drives an expensive car.  Typically you would see this as the "nerdy" or "unpopular" boy possibly getting made fun of and just does not really enjoy his life.  What the author really wants you to understand is just because he has a bad trip into town, this "trip" is more of a quest or journey into the next phase of his life.  He wants to be drafted into the military and turn his life into something more.  As said in the book, these "quests" occur for self-knowledge.  We can learn from our mistakes and use that to our advantage.  Our lives are full of different quests.  We may fail at some of them, but in the long run we will succeed at the important ones.

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