Marked for Greatness

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"Their shapes tell us something, and probably very different somethings, about them or other people in the story." (Foster, pg 193)

This quote struck me because I never really connected shape to a character's personality or traits.  When watching Quasimodo in the Hunchback of Notre Dame I never really thought to link his hunched back with his personality.  His shape of be hunched could resemble his personality, because he is a shy character.  In action movies sometimes the "villain" has a scar or mark on his face, which could indicate something of his personality. Like Foster says about Richard III "put that scoliosis on Richard III and, voila, you have something else entirely. Richard, as morally and spiritually twisted as his back."  It seems that the characters with these imperfections turn out to be the heroes or main characters in a work.  I never really tied shape to personality, but now when I read that will be something that sticks in my mind.

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