Portfolio 1: Blogging?

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This is a portfolio containing my blog entries for American Literature 1915 - present.  When I first began blogging I never really knew what the purpose of it was.  After more blogging and reading the blogs of my peers, I have found it is a very good way to help me see new view points of the works I am reading for class, which help my ideas develop.

Coverage: These included direct quotes from the text.
...Or the Bible
Nothing Gold Can Stay

Timeliness:These were some of the blogs I posted on time.
Geography Matters

Discussion:These were blogs that took part in some discussion.
One Story to Rule Them All
How the West Was Won

Depth: These blogs were more in depth and involved than others.
Green Light
We're Joads

Interaction: These are a few of the blogs I commented on.
Use Your Imagination

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