Why Biblical References?

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When I first began reading this play I was a bit confused throughout the different acts.  First of all, why does a 12 year old have a wife and kids? And why does the family have a dinosaur, or was I just reading that wrong? I also read that I believe it was Henry, was something like 4,000 years old!  Throughout the absurdity of some of the points of the play, I was surprised at how many Biblical references I found.  

The first of those would be the Cain and Abel story. Henry's name was changed from Cain, after he murdered his brother, the favored child just like in the Bible.  Mr. Antrobus then favors his daughter Gladys over Henry, because Henry killed his first favorite.  I also noticed in Mr. Antrobus' song to his wife whose name is supposedly Maggie, he sings to "Dear Eva" so we could think of her as Eve and Mr. Antrobus as Adam.  Later, at the end of Act II we see a similar scene to Noah's Ark where they lead two of each animal onto the boat, where they will survive.  I did not think that this play would have so many Biblical references, but mainly focus on the hardships a family over the years.

One other thing that bothered me is why did Sabina break out of character so often? I thought this odd and at times confusing...

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