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Emily: "God, what a mush it all is! Human beings don't deserve this world.  I mean look at this! Look at the glory! ... And look at us."
I liked this quote (and Emily's character) because it really does make sense.  Emily seems to be the "voice of reason" throughout the play.  She really does not seem to want to film the real crucifixion.  Emily seems to struggle with many different job issues because she wants to be respectable, yet not lose her job.
I personally would not want to see a crucifixion on live television.  Thinking of the crucifixion in the Bible, I think it would be horrible to experience that on television.

~What do you think about this?

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Marie vanMaanen said:

I agree with you about Emily's character. She seems to appreciate the beauty in the world, and I like how she says we don't deserve it even before she knows the cruelty that these people are planning to take place there. Once Emily realizes what's going on, she is horrified, and I think rightfully so. I agree too that Emily has a lot of difficulty with this because her morals are telling her this is wrong yet her idea of self-preservation is telling her she needs to do this. I agree too that I would not want to watch the crucifixion on television. I can't imagine actually watching someone die a painful, slow death. Sometimes it is difficult even watching death in a movie, but to know the person you are watching is actually dying? I can't imagine it.

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