Beware of the eyes watching from within the monitor

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Ah, so it's portfolio time again. This time around, I've learned a little about writing and more about hypertext. I never realized how much hypertext I come in contact with each day, and I also never realized just how much it can affect my future. A good online resume or personal webpage can open career doors for me.

But, the most important thing that I've learned over the past few weeks is to always be aware of my audience. Crawford Kilian posted on my blog today, and was very gracious even though I'd said some pretty harsh things about disliking his book. This experience has helped me realize that we really do need to pay attention to just who might be reading our blogs. In the future, I plan to be more considerate. My apologies go out to Crawford Kilian.


Coverage: I feel very accomplished in this section. Even though I had a very busy golf schedule which took away a lot of time from my school work, I still managed to finish all of my blog entries, minus one or two, which I promptly have made up even though the due date has passed.

Lost in Translation offers many links to the original text, which also can serve as a direct quote from the passage. And, the blog entry links back to the original course website.

Are you Active or Are you Passive also includes an indepth quote from Kilian's book and a link back to EL236.

Who Knew the Body could be so nostalgic also offers a direct quote, and several links to various sections of the hypertext fiction required reading.

For more examples, see:

  •  A new form of literature? Blog 3
  •  A new form of literature? Blog 2
  •  A new form of literature? Blog 1

    Timelessness: Even though I was out of town during a few of our classes, I still managed to finish *most* of my blog entries prior to class. They include:

    Interaction: I think this aspect of my blogs has improved significantly from my last portfolio. Maybe that was because I spent more time ranting than I used to, but whatever the reason, let's hope I get even better at provoking others to comment.

    Depth: Because I had so many issues with Kilian's book, I went far more into depth in these sections than in the rest of my blogs...

    Also see:

    Discussion: I tried to post more comments this time around, and although I still think I could improve on this section, I did a better job than I did prior to the first portolio...although I can't seem to remember everyone's blog entries that I commented on. Here are a few examples that I did recover:

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