Labyrinth of Yellow Wallpaper

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From the start of The University of Yellow Wallpaper, I was intrigued, especially when I read "the place you must begin...", because I assumed this story would differ from The Heist in that, the author would follow Kilian's suggestion in strongly suggesting where the reader should go next. However, what I found was not what I'd been looking for. Yet again, I discovered that hypertext writing differs in that it leads readers off into different directions, each with different thought-provoking descriptions.

Ahh, the descriptions in this hypertext. Wow. C.E. White's style invokes the reader to think of multipe symbols. Her descriptions not only to capture her readers, but also to keep them confused, so that they will continue reading her story. Each thought leads to a new one, much like the human mind. The prose offers a few different emotions for readers. Aside from a feeling of confusion, the text also forces readers to feel lost or even drowning. The descriptions themselves sometimes have a drowning effect. Readers lose themselves and no amount of clicking on the next hyperlink can save them. Each new page branches off into its own world, and it does make the reader feel like he is in a labyrinth of sorts, just as Jackie suggests a maze. However, I found the labrynth a more appropriate setting rather than a maze, simply because with a labyrinth, one must enter and reach the center of the maze and then find his way back out--this is very similar to the notion that a reader receives while reading this hypertext--there is no where else to go but deeper into the text. By going deeper, perhaps we will be able to divulge some meaning from the hypertext--something that I had some difficulty doing.

It appears that C. E. White wanted to express so many emotions all at once, that she lost some of her meaning--just as Kilian warns about in his text.

When I overview this hypertext, I admit that I love White's style. She found a great way to captivate her audience and leave them gasping for more. Although she could still lead readers into a more concrete direction, The University of Yellow Wallpaper obviously utilizes hypertext and hyperlinks much better than The Heist. I wonder what everyone else thought...

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