If at first you don't succeed....

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In class on Monday, Alex tested my IF game for me. It's supposed to be a game based on The Sword and the Stone, and although she understood that much, she had some difficulties with my game. So I definately have some adjustments to make, which was expected, because I didn't completely finish it, since it was only the Alpha release.

  • Alex didn't realize that she needed to "listen" to Merlyn in order to obtain the crystal. I chose listen, because I couldn't figure out how to include dialogue, so I figured this would just avoid it all together. Dr. Jerz helped me set the game to automatically "listen" after "examine," so hopefully this won't happen again.


  • I also needed to remove the crystal from gameplay after using it the first time to turn the player into a bird. Dr. Jerz also helped me with this. He just set it to only turn into a bird the first time, instead of everytime


  • The above was important, because Alex ate the birdseed as she was supposed to in order to turn human again, and then used the crystal again, which caused her to be stuck as a bird instead of a human, which shouldn't have happened.


  • Dr. Jerz helped me to set the game so that the player cannot leave a room until he or she completes a goal or has an item in posession. This will help in the future, because Alex had no idea that she needed the crystal in order to turn into a bird. I also set it so that the player cannot leave the barn until he has eaten the birdseed to turn back into a human.


  • She also didn't understand why she turned into a bird, which makes me realize that, although the game is based on The Sword and the Stone, not everyone will understand, so I need to add some more background information


  • I forgot to mention that London is north of the castle, so Alex had no clue as to where she needed to go after she already explored all of the other rooms. I had to give her a hint in order for her to go to london.


  • Lastly, I need to develop the story more so that the player has a legitimate reason to visit the graveyard other than the fact that it is a room in the game. I will expand in London with a story of Kay forgetting his sword back at the castle before the tournament.

On the brightside, Alex said that the game seemed pretty easy to navigate in. I just need to clarify a few things. I plan to include a few more objects and a more concrete storyline to make the game more interesting. On the whole, I can really see the importance of usability testing, especially because I seem to miss stupid mistakes, because it is my own game...

How's everyone else doing?


Jed Fetterman said:

They are not stupid mistakes, they are just common sense. Such common sense that you do not think about writing code for those commands. If you knew that someone was going to do something like that, you would have planned accordingly. That is why I don't get too down on myself when someone points out a mistake.

Aja Hannah said:

I watched Alex play the game for a little bit and I really enjoyed the concept. To me, it seemed to be put together very well despite the bird incident. If you need another tester sometime, I wouldn't mind.

Oh, and as a bird, could she do the things humans could do?

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