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"I use Wikipedia all the time for my research--but I certainly wouldn't cite it."

--Is Wikipedia Becoming a Respectable Academic Source?

Unfortunately, this is not the first time I've heard that comment. I had a few friends who used Wikipedia all through high school religiously. One of my best friends told me that he would look up wikipedia and just cite the information as something from one of the sources the Wikipedia article cited. I personally try to stay away from WIkipedia at all costs. Even when I'm just looking up something for fun, I would rather spend a little extra time googling than resort to WIkipedia.

So far Wikipedia has been cited 52 times in 2008. I can't get over that statistic. Every teacher I've had has always told us that wikipedia is not a viable source, and that's obviously true. So I disagree with this article when it says that Wikipedia might be usable for an academic source. I would be too afraid to ever use Wikipedia, especially because, as the article states, it is not always the most reliable site.

The four criticisms only heighten my opinion that WIkipedia will never be an academic source. Using even a normal encyclopedia is looked down upon in college. The constant revisions make it hard for anyone to cite information too--because you never know what is true or false. Sure we could spend extra time fact-checking, but if you ask me, that kinda defeats the purpose of using a quick site like Wikipedia in the first place. Expanding on this, because anyone can change the site, we might have a hard time knowing what to believe. Sometimes it's kind of obvious, like when my friend changed the wikipedia page on George Bush to include insults towards Bush. That didn't last on the page for very long, but the point is, it did show up on the page. The page has since been locked due to ongoing vandalism. Without that constant peer review, how can we expect to find validity in the website at all?

Chase thought Wikipedia was a joke site and he made the edit to amuse a colleague.

--Seigenthaler libeller unmasked- thought it was a joke

This quote only makes me want to visit Wikipedia even less.If people are honestly mixing it up with false sites like Uncyclopeia, something is obviously wrong. I googled the site just for "kicks and giggles," as my golf coach always says, and I may be wrong here, but I think it's actually a sub-division of the wiki-enterprise, so it's no wonder Chase made the error.

While this article makes good clame that it is in part the fault of readers who believe some of these false statements, it's still partially wikipedia's fault for not paying closer attention to important sites. It's a great idea to allow others to update information--unfortunately, it's hard to keep up with all of the bad changes along with the new. Maybe Wikipedia is just ahead of its time. We need to get better control of a page like this before we make it mainstream--oops, looks like it's too late for that...

Oh and in case you didn't know...the quote in my title is from Rocky...haha, I got the inspiration, because Rocky III was on the tv while I was writing my blogs. Guilty as charged for multitasking...

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