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You click "Subscribe" and a form appears. It looks longer than you expected, and you quickly discover why. For no good reason, you're being asked to provide your mailing address. And your phone number. And your occupation Suddenly, quick task has become a project.

I found these emails very useful and easy to relate to. For example, I can't begin to describe how many times I've started to subscribe for email updates, and changed my mind because I don't want to give out my phone number. Actually, sometimes, I just in a false address and phone number...they'll never know. I've come across this at Staples as well. As a cashier, we're encouraged to sign people up for our Rewards program. I can't tell you how many people don't want to sign up just because they have to fill out a form, and especially because they have to include their phone number. It's just unnecessary. Staples claims we need the phone number to look up the card when they forget it, but I'm sure they could think of another method...

So now we've come to an end with our book. Although some of the chapters were a bit repetitive, I'm glad Dr. Jerz assigned it, because it's offered so many insights to building websites. Now, when I visit a website that I'm unfamiliar with, I pay more attention to its Usability. Really, this book should be given to more than just EL236 students, because everyone could benefit from the knowledge of this book, especially while doing research or visiting college websites.

The other EL236 students have some thoughts too...


Jed Fetterman said:

Why do you need an address for a rewards card? Isn't it enough just to sign your name, and carry it with you? I think that I said it a couple of times, but I feel like there is an alterior motive when someone asks for information like that. I do not know what I think happens after you submit it, but it just has that shady feeling.

Jessie Krehlik said:

They need the address so they can mail people their rewards coupons...which does make sense, except half of the people never seem to get the coupons...and the other half (myself included) just receive the coupon through email. But, I think that's just Staples way of keeping on top of things. The one nice thing is though that we imput the rewards applications ourselves, so they never leave the store. And we try to promise that their information won't leave the store, but I don't blame people for worrying.

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