Users are the jelly to designers' peanut butter

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So portfolio time has rolled around yet again, and I've learned a lot more this time. Not only did I learn about a new type of videogame known as Interactive Fiction, but more importantly, I learned a lot about myself as a web user. In Steve Krug's book, Don't Make Me Think!, he talked a lot about the average user (which doesn't actually exist), explaining that it is the web designers' responsibility to provide all necessities for a user. Later in the book, Krug explains the importance of organization on a website. But, like I keep saying Over and Over again, Everyone could do themselves a favor and read that book. The biggest thing I learned from this section would be the aspect of teamwork for any website--teamwork between web designers and the general public. Without each other, neither will be satisfied. Usability testing can do no harm, only good.


Coverage: The majority of my blog entries included direct quotes from our assigned texts and a trackback to the course website.

Job-o-rama? Krug Intro-CH3

"There's No Place Like Home" Krug CH4-6 (doesn't have a trackback)

Pulldown worst nightmare (no trackback)

Got Sanity?

Hidden Information Can Cause Complications Krug9-11

TMI...Krug Ch.12

"I'm Not as Dumb as you think I am"

Avoid Wikipedia Like the Plague

Wikipedia Policy and Pillars


Timliness: Although I have yet to publish a blog entry a full 24 hours before class, I'm getting pretty close, and gave my peers more time to respond to a few of my blog entries.

"There's No Place Like Home" Krug CH4-6

Got Sanity?

TMI..Krug CH. 12

I'm Not as Dumb as You Think I am

I'm thinking too much...Krug Review


Interaction: I started off pretty strong at the start of this section with leaving comments on my peers blogs, and then eased up a little as the section wore on. However, I picked up the slack again towards the end.

I participated in a good conversation on Jed's blog entry, Thank You Steve

I commented on Aja's blog entries, Rocket Surgery  and Why Can't They Leave Us Alone?

I also left a comment on Christina's entries, Usability Stupidity and Feral Parrots and Other Birds

And, on Alex's Am I going mad, or did the word "think" escape your lips?

And, I left a brief comment on Shellie's blog, Yay! Change!


Depth: In a few of my blog entries, I went into more detail than I did in others.

There's No Place Like Home

Got Sanity?

Hidden Information Can Cause Complications

I'm not as dumb as you think I am

Avoid Wikipedia Like the Plague

I'm Thinking Too Much


Discussion: Part of the reason that I had more comments this time around probably had something to do with my timliness.

There's No Place Like Home 

Hidden Information Can Cause Complications

TMI...Krug Ch. 12

Avoid Wikipedia Like the Plague



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