Wikipedia Policy and Pillars

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1. Wikipedia works by building consensus

2. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia.

3. Respect other contributors.

4. Respect copyrights.

5. Avoid bias.

6. Include only verifiable information.


So after reading the policy section of Wikipedia, I have to say that most of these are just no-brainers. I really don't have much to say about this, because Wikipedia kinda said it all when they said that you don't have to read it if you don't want to...I mean, shouldn't you HAVE to read it in order make changes on the site.

Oh, and one last comment about this section. I did Kinda like the fact that anyone can edit this policy. That really strengthens their idea of the encyclopedia being one giant democracy, but at the same time, couldn't anyone just make the rules insanely strict? I know people would catch it right away (there's always a guy out there who's obsessed with not breaking the rules), but what happens if you're the one person who reads the false rules? What then?

On to the Five Pillars:

 Respect your fellow Wikipedians even when you may not agree with them.

On a side note, I love the sound of "Wikipedians." It's just so cool. But anyway, as for this section of the reading, I found particular interest in the section about proper conduct.

Remind yourself that these are people with whom you are dealing. They have feelings and probably have other people in the world who love them. Try to treat others with dignity. The world is a big place, with different cultures and conventions. Do not use jargon that others might not understand. Use acronyms carefully and clarify if there is the possibility of any doubt.

So I admit that I didn't see this assigned reading until after I did my editing for homework. So, I have a few insights as well. Instead of correcting my addition to the Sailor Moon page, whoever edited me, just deleted my addition all-together. So much for being respectful.


As far as I'm concerned, Wikipedia should attempt to require people to read these sections when they create an account, because although my added information wasn't the most specific of data, it was pretty accurate, so why delete it completely? Okay, maybe I'm a little bitter, but can you blame me? I guess Sailor Moon fans feel they are above proper conduct...

What does EL236 have to say?

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