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The End is the Beginning

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"Regardless of what happens over the next few months, The Times is destined for significant and traumatic change. At some point soon--sooner than most of us think--the print edition, and with it The Times as we know it, will no longer exist. And it will have plenty of company."

Michael Hirshorn's observation that many daily print newspapers are closing down or transforming into online-only publications really did not surprise me. One of the main reasons I chose Seton Hill for college was because my other option that was close to home was UPG,and it's publication, The Insider, is already online only. In the long run, print journalism will probably fade away into a distant memory, but for the time being, there is still something fantastic about holding a publication in your hands.

The end has been on our horizon for years. At the end of March 2007, journalist Arnold Zafra wrote an article about the same topic. In his article, Are We Witnessing the Death of Print Journalism, Zafra takes on not only the convenience of reading news from your desktop but also comments on the environmental benefits: "On the environmental point of view, this is of course a welcome development as it would mean lesser paper, lesser cutting down of trees, and lesser paper wastes."

Although this article is a little out of date, the same topics are being discussed today. The Colorado Independent published an article earlier this month discussing the cut of staffers from a publication called Westward in Denver Colorado. According to the article, the parent Village Voice Media is doing more than simply cutting members of the staff. In order to save money, "VVM Publishers and Editors are taking 10% pay reductions until our revenues begin to grow again."

Whatever the reason may be, whether people are becoming more economically or ecologically savvy, the important thing to remember is, like Dr. Jerz said in class, we can't think of ourselves as newspaper journalists. We have to be one step ahead of the game. Someone once told me that majoring in journalism isn't the same as majoring in Biology or even in simply English--he said that when you choose journalism, you're studying a craft rather than a a discipline. I really don't agree with that anymore. Sure, journalism is a bit more centered around a particular type of writing, but all the same, we are learning important survival skills that will be necessary when we attempt to make it in the real world. So, the end of print journalism really isn't an end--it's a beginning of a new age, where we will take new steps that will lead us to more success than anticipated.

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