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Evergreen Pitch--Student Athletes

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Angle: Being a student athlete--is it really worth it? Students share their thoughts on playing a collegiate sport while maintaining a decent GPA and social life.

People I can interview by next week:

Jenna Petrini (Junior, women's golf & women's basketball)
Juliana Cox (Sophomore, women's golf)
Mark Henry (Junior, men's baseball)
Luke Pisarcik (Junior, Men's baseball)
Lauren Dorsch (Junior, prior Women's field hockey member)
Gia Wenino (Junior, women's field hockey)
Myself (Freshman, women's golf)
Laura Dunkle (Junior, prior women's golf member)

People I am also interested in interviewing:

Two professors--their view of student atheletes
Two coaches--their view on student's priorities
A few players from other sports teams, so I can have a well-rounded article

Sidebar possibilities:

  • Funny stories that have happened while on the road.
  • Tips for helping to make your already busy and hectic life a little easier.

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