Crash and Burn

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I compared Many dead in Kashmir bus plunge from BBC News to the USA Today's Peru bus crash kills, injures 31. I have several observations...


  • Both start with a death toll
  • Both explain the location of the accidents
  • Both articles mention that there is a high automobile accident rate in the country.


  • Although both begin with a death toll, the Peru article has more facts, stating that how many were killed/injured, including a few specifics while the India article has vague facts--"at least 20 dead, others injured." Why are they not more specific? Even the title is vague. I was taught that using "Many" was a no-no in journalism.
  • The Peru article goes on to state approx. what time the accident occured. The India article does not.
  • The Peru article states that the cause is unclear, but the India article says a sharp turn was taken.
  • The Peru article actually repeats the same information twice:
      • Sentence 2: "Among the dead are two Dutch tourists and a Colombian."
      • Sentence 6: "Del Castillo said that among the 22 dead are a Dutch man and woman, and a woman from Colombia."
  • The India article has a weird ending--I feel like it really doesn't belong in the article. It seems like it's just filler information (even though I get that "bus plunges" are filler pieces:
      • "As the injured were being taken away, relatives and residents threw stones at officials, complaining of poor local medical facilities, AP reported."


On the whole, I actually enjoyed reading these bus plunge articles. I like that each article still takes a different direction from the last, but at the same time, it still feels like they're searching for information to fill the space--like when the Peru article repeated basically the same sentence twice. Even stating that each country has a pretty high accident rate seemed trivial to me--everyone has a higher accident rate than they'd like--I would've liked to see actual figures to show me just how high these rates actually are. If they're looking for filler information, at least put a statistic in there or something.


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