EL227 Portfolio #1

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This portfolio showcases all of the contributions and work I have done thus far in EL227: News writing. Like always, there is some room for improvement--mostly with my timeliness and xenoblogging, but on the whole, I think I've gotten off to a good start in this course, and intend to keep up the good work. I also noticed a direct correlation between my timeliness and my discussion sections--the earlier I post my blog entires, the more discussion I receive for each entry. 

Coverage--I covered every assigned text prior to meeting in class, links below:

Depth--In these blog entries, I either analyzed deeper or offered more insights than I usually do. These were well-developed blog entires:
Interaction--These are just some of my peers' blog entries in which I commented; however, these blog entries contained the most interaction:
Discussion--This list of blog entries showcases my blog entries that were most popular among my peers and received the most feedback.:
Timeliness--Although I finished all of my blog entries before class time (except when class was canceled), these blog entries were done at least 24 hours in advance to ensure more comments than usual:
Xenoblogging--my contributions to the weblogging world:
    • Crunch Time Blues -Link Gracious--I gave credit to both Greta and Josie in this blog, because I agreed with both of them. I actually found Greta's blog through Josie's because Josie had already given credit to Greta.
    • Josie's I would read it on a plane... -
    • Aja's The (Non) News of Michael Jackson--The Comment Primo--I began this discussion, and watched it develop into a thriving conversation among my peers; however, I did not return to comment again.
    • Aja's Imagine the Internet--The Comment Grande--I participated in this discussion about the Dr. Seuss Profile, and gave insights as to how news and features are blended in this article.
    • Michelle Tatlinger's MLA APA Chicago AP -The Comment Informative--In this blog discussion, I offered my previous knowledge concerning AP style, but I also admitted that I learned new information in this reading. I also blogged about the same thing in my blog, but did not see Michelle's until after my blog had already been posted.
Wildcard--other blog entries that really don't apply elsewhere:
    • Presentation Reflection--I posted an in-depth reflection about my peer's presentations, focusing on the fact that all of my fellow journalism majors actually dislike reporting news.

For more porfolios of EL227, visit our course website.

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