Even crime news needs to be "new"

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Crime reporting has to be as up-to-date as possible. This is partly because some crimes depend for their news value on being current.

As I read this assigned text, I started thinking about what's been going on in the news lately. There was the Yale student murder last week, which is an excellent example of great crime reporting. Because this was such a high-profile story, reporters had to find several ways to write their stories in order to keep the news fresh. Even now, there are still new angles to write about that murder. The link I posted for the story concerns the motive for the killing.

Another crime that came to mind as I was reading this section was the serial killer who escaped at a county fair in Washington. Newspapers and new stations continue to report on this crime, simply because the murderer has not been found yet. In a USA today article from yesterday, I read about the killer's other escapes and possibilities for where he would turn up next. Now, there's new news, because the killer has been captured. 

It's amazing that crime reporting can take on so many different dimensions depending on where you find yourself reporting in the midst of the crime. I don't have any experience with writing crime reports. In high school, the closest thing I ever got to writing about crime was a feature I wrote about sexual assault on college campuses, but that was more a list of tips and statistics for my readers. 

For me, crime writing is a whole new battle field. But like the assigned text said, if you can master crime reporting, writing regular news will be much simpler because you will have all the basic skills, such as interviewing and investigating, under control.

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Kaitlin Monier said:

I really like your point about writing a crime report from different angles and dimensions. If there are a lot of angles to write from, a reporter can expand on old news and make it seem new.

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