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Elizabeth Mount College [EMC]--A pedestrian was injured on Monday, Sept. 14 at 8:25 a.m. outside Alumni Hall. A theft resulted in the accident as well.

The pedestrian, identified as Sharon Pierce, a fourth-year undergraduate student was hit by a 2004 Ford Taurus, driven by Cairo Transport employee Karl Klaushammer. Pierce, who was struck 15 feet north of the crosswalk, was treated on-site by an ambulance.

According to EMC security chief Robert Chase, "Klaushammer was observed by this officer to be in distress and reported that a package that was in his back seat was apparently taken." A hooded figure was seen fleeing the scene of the crime south along College Drive.

The suspect is described as male, weighing approximately 200 lbs. and about 6 feet in height. Because the suspect ignored verbal orders to stop, a foot pursuit involving Chase and another security officer, Clair Catcher, ensued. The suspect was last seen in the wooded lot south of the chemistry department.

According to John Carten, a professor in the chemistry department, the stolen package contained "research materials promised to the Pennsylvania State Museum of Antiguities."

"There was no indications that anyone would press charges," said Chase in a press conference on Sept. 14. "Klaushammer was advised to stay alert while driving on campus...and Pierce to use the crosswalk," added Chase.


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