Personality Profile or Program Profile?

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At Delancey Street, about 500 residents work from 8 a.m. to about 11 p.m. at a full-time job among other interpersonal tasks.

"Everyone starts at the bottom, and you work your way up," Pinderhughes said. "Through hard work, you are rewarded not only externally by being able to rise in the program and do more, but by feeling confident in your abilities."

Delancey Street is a non-profit organization, meaning nobody, including Silbert, pockets a dime.

After carefully reading this article, I have come up with several conclusions.
  • Mimi Silbert deserves the key to her city for all of her amazing work with the underprivelaged
  • Everyone who is a part of Delancey Street speaks highly of Silbert
  • One could easily argue the point that this profile article is more about Delancey Street than it is about its director
Let's focus on my third point, shall we?
Although the article provides several quotes about how important Silbert is to society, I can't help but feel like the direction taken with this article was focused more on the program itself rather than Silbert. Now, before I go further, please don't think that I'm saying that its a bad thing--because it's really not. I just think the title is a little misleading. I understand that without the program, there would probably be no reason to write the profile in the first place, but there is virtually no personal information about Silbert. We get her age, when she created the program, and what several of her followers/collegues think of her. The rest of the article is dedicated to explaining the program in detail, while including quotes from people who have benefited from the program. So let me ask this this a personality profile--or is it a program profile?

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