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I could spend my time reflecting on each of my classmates' presentations, but I think that would be somewhat of a bore, so instead, I want to talk about the most interesting insight I noticed about my fellow New Media Journalism majors. Now, as everyone already knows, there are several students in our class who are not journalism majors, so it really wasn't a surprise to me when they said they didn't have a strong relationship with the news.

What threw me; however, was the fact that none of my journalism buddies were *huge* fans of the news either. Here I was getting ready to present my own story about my pathetic relationship with the news, and Lo and behold, Cody, Megan and Ashley said basically the same thing. I always thought, "wow, isn't it a little ironic that I'm majoring in journalism, but I hate reading about news." Apparently, I'm not the only one. Megan made a good observation during our group discussion. She said that although most of the headlines in newspapers are bad, "News keeps people aware."
Cody shared his appreciation for broadcast news by mentioning his first legitimate experience with news--9/11. He was glad there was a source to keep him informed. 

I think the one I felt I identified with most was Ashley. Although I have wanted to be a journalism major since high school, I had to agree with the science-turned-english major when she said that she doesn't find news interesting--she'd rather write for a magazine. I feel the same way. Like I said in my blog--I write news for The Setonian not because I enjoy writing it, but because I'm pretty good at writing it. So, to make a long story short, I do appreciate the value of news, and when I eventually enter the real journalism world, I'll probably end up writing news--then again, I'm pretty sure I'd write about anything just to get more experience.

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