Rules Are Meant to be Broken

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The line between news and feature writing has broken down...Ultimately, people want to read about people.
-Clark and Scanlan in America's Best Newspaper Writing pg. 165

Prior to this reading, I really never thought of how news and feature writing has changed in our modern era. Sure, we still have a separate section dedicated to features, but as demonstrated in Cynthia Gorney's Dr. Seuss: Wild Orchestrator of Plausible Nonsense for Kids, sometimes blending facts with funny and witty anecdotes makes all the difference with any piece in a newspaper. In the past, I've always said that Nellie Bly, the pioneer for investigative reporting has always been my idol when it comes to my aspirations as a journalist; however, after reading her piece on Seuss, I feel a certain gravitation towards Gorney. I think maybe it's just her style of writing that I'm so fond of. "And when you find a writer you love, you read everything you can get your hands on by that writer," Gorney said in this section of our textbook. I'm not saying that I'm going to go out and find EVERYTHING she's ever written, but I think it would be a learning experience to read some of her other pieces to see how her style differs with each piece. It appears that Gorney actually took a part of Seuss's style and wove it gently into her profile on Seuss. Her ability to blend Seuss facts and anecdotes is, I think, one of her strongest points as a writer. She is a perfect example of blending news with feature. While her article is both informative and insightful, it serves a purpose for all audiences, thus allowing readers to get a glimpse into the true man behind Dr. Seuss as well as the professional and successful author. I could only hope to write half as well as Gorney does in this piece. It, like Seuss, really is a work of art. This just goes to show that some rules (even journalism news/feature rules) are meant to be broken every once in a while in order to unleash creativity into a successful story.


Aja Hannah said:

I also really enjoyed her work and would like to read more. If we had more writers like that (at least in features), I feel more people would read the papers. This short article was as interesting as a short story.

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