Spel chek pleez?

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Police said he had a dark bandana covering a portion of his face, police said.

Okay, before I say anything about the two examples of crime reporting, let me just say that I am appalled by the quality of the text written for the Post Gazette. in Would-be robbery victim fights back, I was seriously shocked to see how many grammatical errors were made in this story. The one that jumped out at me first was the comma before "and" in a list--this is probably because I am OBSESSED with that rule...and because I served as a copy editor for my high school paper, and that rule was on my "pet peeves" list. Anyway, that mistake alone was enough to make me mad...and then I read the sentence I quoted above, and I about died. I think I actually said "Oh my god" out loud because it made me so mad...Police said...police said. Really? Really??? REALLY? Oh and there was a sentence in the story that had "the the" in it. Why don't their copy editors pick up on stuff like this?

Alright, now that I got that out of the way, the article itself wasn't terrible. It gave readers enough information for a preliminary story about the crime. And, the lead didn't give readers a lot of details--this forces readers to actually read the article to find out when and where the crime occurred. For a short article, it was very informative.

The other article, Plea deal reached in Jeannette enslavement, kidnap case, is far more detailed. Instead of focusing on the crime itself, which is old news, this article focuses on the plea bargain made by the guilty individuals. However, the article still gives the important facts, but these facts now act as background information for the readers who have not been following the story from the beginning.

From these two articles, I've learned that there really are a number of different angles that you can use to write a story, whether it be a crime related story or not.


Spel said:

Spel also means Game in Swedish :)

Spel said:

Indeed it does ;)

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