Weakness revealed

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Some writers have trouble introducing a new fact without swaddling it in information or phrases that have gone before. Double-decker leads result, the second or third graf saying much the same as the first.

--Cappon pg 29

Although the majority of this chapter was pretty much a review for us, because we've gone over Leads a few times in class, I thought this quote was pretty important. The rule of attribution, like many of the other rules in this section, does not only apply to leads. Dr. Jerz has gone over this topic a few times already, stating that it is unnecessary to be so redundant within a story. Like the examples in the book, 

School district officials were surprised by a judge's restraining order on the district's dress code, which allows boys with long hair and earrings to return to class.

"We were somewhat surprised, said Mike Moses, superintendent of the Lubbock Independent School District. 

This type of quotation could appear anywhere in a story, not just in a lead, but I do understand why it's in this section as well. Leads are probably the most important part of a news story. Personally, I always have a hard time creating my leads when I write stories for the Setonian. I usually write my entire article and then go back to write the lead, but my leads are rarely witty. I think this is one of my biggest weaknesses as a news writer. I know the importance of the lead--I just can't seem to master this skill.

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