Wordiness is a Curse...

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"Not every noun needs an adjective. Not every adjective needs an adverb. Not every writer has got the message."

--The Associated Press Guide to News Writing pg 13

My mom always says to me, "Jessie, before you speak, think of what you want to say and then cut it in half."   *whispers* I think she's trying to tell me that I talk to much... I do have a point to this. Although a lot of chapter 2 was a review for me, it served as a fantastic refresher.
Even though I have some experience with news writing, I sometimes forget that short-and-to-the-point is essential with those types of stories. When it comes to writing creatively or perhaps, writing personal narratives, I stuff my papers with as many sensory details as possible. For stories like that, they really add to the story--but when it comes to journalism, it's pretty much the opposite. Although 500 words seems like a lot at first glance, when you fill it with "filler words," pretty soon you could be looking at a pretty pathetic news article. That's why these rules are so important. It's just so much to remember, and sometimes it's really REALLY REALLY difficult to eliminate wordiness. I guess it just comes with practice.

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